Would you like to interview for The Believer?

John Bowe, journalist and editor of oral histories (GIG: Americans Talk About Their JobsUS: Americans Talk About Love) is looking for an Army of The Curious to fan out and interview people about their dogs for his next oral history project, WOOF: Americans Talk About Their Dogs.

We’ll be publishing these interviews in the magazine and online, and we would like to invite you to collaborate with us. 

If you know someone who killed their brother over a dog, or drained their bank account for a dog—or anybody who was motivated by a dog to go through something emotionally weird, transformative, or extraordinary—contact us. Even if you don’t know anybody yet, we welcome you to begin searching…

WOOF will be a team endeavor. The more diverse the interviewers and interviews, the better the book will be. Collaborators will be paid a not-huge sum, get a byline (in the Believer and in the final book), and will have a chance to learn a lot about the art of interviewing, journalism, and editing.

If you would like to help by conducting interviews, transcribing or editing, or if you simply have questions, please contact John Bowe (johnfbowe@gmail.com). To familiarize yourself with some of his previous oral history work, look here.