Crazy Uncle Casey’s “11 Days, 11 Deals” Sale: Day Three

*UPDATE: It has come to our attention that our promo code system is having some issues. ALL SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS PLACED TODAY will receive the 52-week planner and the Blume/Dunham book, promo code or no. Thank you!*

Uh-oh, what’s your crazy uncle Casey up to now? He’s back in the pantry, ranting about time and space. He’s removing the floorboards, one nail at a time. He’s pulling up a dirty old treasure chest, using an elaborate system of weights and pulleys to retrieve it. Now he’s fidgeting with his novelty-sized key ring. There! He has it! The chest is open! My god, Crazy Uncle Casey, what have you done!?

“Today only,” he says, his gap-toothed smile all crooked at the edges. “Every subscription to the Believer comes with a beautiful Charles Burns-illustrated 52-Week Planner—full of portraits and quotes!—when the subscriber enters the promo code PLANS with his or her purchase. This is in addition to the 80-page Judy Blume/Lena Dunham interview book that they’re already getting at no extra charge! Cackle cackle cackle! Stocking stuffers, etcetera!”

Rarely is Uncle Casey this generous—or this lucid and full of marketing copy. We think it would be best for you to subscribe to the Believer today