Crazy Uncle Casey’s “11 Days, 11 Deals” Sale: Day Four

As far back as you can remember, Uncle Casey has taken his daily coffee black with just a dash of fish sauce. But today he has changed his regimen. Today he’s drinking fish sauce with just a dash of black coffee.

“What’s the occasion?” you ask him, attempting to hide your disgust.

He fixes you with a suspicious, steely glare. “Today only, anyone who subscribes to the Believer—or renews their subscription to the Believer, for that matter—can enter the promotional code ‘MUGS’ at checkout and receive a Read Hard mug free with their order. But wait, that’s not all! They’ll also get a copy of Judy Blume and Lena Dunham in Conversation, the exclusive 80-page mini-book that is currently the talk of the internet. All of this can be yours, dearest nephew, when you subscribe to the Believer today.”

Then, without warning, Uncle Casey rises from the dining room table and walks out the front door in his pajamas. He will not return today.