Crazy Uncle Casey’s “11 Days, 11 Deals” Sale: Day Seven

Uncle Casey penned two novels during his brief literary career. His debut, All The King’s Oranges, detailed the high times of Florida fruit-grower and drug kingpin Juicy Juciano, and bore much resemblance to the movie Scarface, save for some lengthy digressions about the healing power of citrus. It was self-published and received poorly, though the trade publication Fruit Growers News did list the book in their “Juicy Reads” section. Uncle Casey’s second novel, Their Faces Flew Right Off, is a cult classic of second-person, semi-autobiographical magical realism. You have probably heard of it.

These days, Uncle Casey leaves the writing to “highfalutin, high-school-educated know-it-alls.” But he does enjoy a good author interview. For this reason, Uncle Casey just now decided that today only, all new and returning Believer magazine subscribers get a copy of Always Apprentices, a collection of 22 conversations between writers, when they enter the promo code “ALWAYS” at checkout. This is in addition to subscribers’ complimentary copy of the exclusive 80-page mini-book, Judy Blume and Lena Dunham in Conversation. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Before you go, Uncle Casey insists on sharing one piece of advice for you aspiring writers: “Write like your house is on fire, and each new sentence is a shot glass full of water dowsed on the raging flames. In other words, write as fast as you possibly can and use tiny sentences. Five words, max.”