Crazy Uncle Casey’s “11 Days, 11 Deals” Sale: Day Eight

As a child, Uncle Casey—who was already an uncle at the time of his birth—didn’t talk much. Not to people, at least. He spent endless hours in his room, interviewing his stuffed animals and action figures about their proudest moments and most private dreams. He filmed these interviews with a Super 8 Camera, breathing on the lens periodically to approximate the soft-focus-look of a Barbara Walters special. Alas, all of the footage was lost in a house fire that Uncle Casey may or may not have set himself.

All of which brings us to our daily deal, hand-picked by Crazy Uncle Casey himself. Today only, new and returning Believer subscribers get a free copy of the fantastic Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers with their order when they enter the promo code WRITERS upon checkout. On top of this, everyone who subscribes to the Believer this month gets a copy of Judy Blume and Lena Dunham in Conversation. How could the deals possibly get any crazier? They cannot. The deals will maintain this already high level of crazy for the next few days. SUBSCRIBE NOW!