My Blindness
by Nick Flynn

                   Is today
the day I finally stand on the lunch counter

& ask for a moment of silence for the still
sick & suffering both in & out of my

mind? Is it today you finally open your

shirt enough to show me the collarbone
your heart hangs from? A man

is defined as one who “pisseth against the wall”
[1 Sam. 25:34; 1 Kings 14:10; 21:21]. Lilith

objected to having to lie beneath Adam but Adam
would have it no other way. What am I

supposed to believe? At your door my
hand trembles

even before I touch the knob. Inside

you will be on the edge of the bed, I will set
my chair before you, watch

as you show me what it is your body wants,
what word will appear when it’s

my hand. We could close our eyes &
wake up almost

anywhere, as if a bird, or birds, had hollowed us
both out. Maybe birds.

Nick Flynn has worked as a ship’s captain, an electrician, and as a case-worker with homeless adults. His most recent book is My Feelings (Graywolf, 2015), a collection of poems. His work has been translated into fifteen languages.